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Hello, my name is Sean (Shawn) and..

I am a former Prostatitis sufferer and this is my story of a Prostatitis Treatment and Cure. By writing here about everything I learned dealing with Prostatitis, I hope to help the literally millions of other men (and women with PID) around the world who are faced with this condition that is so difficult to cure, so neglected by our medical system, and such a destructive force in so many lives (family as well as the sufferer themself).

The first thing you should do...

is watch my story in the video below..

  Watch my Story of my Prostatitis treatment and cure at a Direct Injections Clinic Watch my Story of my Prostatitis treatment and cure at a Direct Injections Clinic

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For many guys, Prostatitis has become a "condition of confusion". They have almost invariably been told vastly different things by different Doctors, to the point that they don't know what's real any more. I managed to get past that and get cured, but I will never forget the careless way I was treated by the majority of Doctors I saw.
If you've tried everything, been to numerous Doctors and feel absolutely trapped in a cycle of pain and misery, I've been there and I can help you get out of it.

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You can also read my reviews of the best prostatitis treatment clinics around the world, but I absolutely recommend you do the above two things first.

Remember, Prostatitis can be beaten..

The reality is that we have a busted medical system, the absolute best example of that is Men and Prostatitis.
There's basically two choices:
1/ Put up with what's happening to you, but be warned, Prostatitis is very unlikely to go away, it is far far more likely to worsen as each year goes past and you'll have it your entire life - is this really how you want to spend the rest of your life? Of course not!
2/ Pick up the fight again; this is your survival, don't take no for an answer, and contact me so I can show you what to ask for, what course of action to follow.
Men as a group are notorious for putting up with an illness and not complaining.
START fighting, and I'll help you, Sean

If you have managed to gain a definite lessening of symptoms, please share it with visitors in the comments section at the end of this page.

After you've watched my video, read about treatment clinics, you could read my story of battling with food, alcohol and lack of exercise "addictions" and succeeding in dramatically lowering my Prostatitis Symptoms here

 Because of this website, I've received hundreds [update: thousands] of emails from guys with prostatitis. There are a number of things that are a common component of these emails:

  • Many, many patients have been given a diagnosis of "non-bacterial prostatitis". Yet when they describe their symptoms, about 80% describe urethral burning, urgency and bladder pain at the beginning of their symptoms and reoccurring at regular intervals depending on the medications they're given. Those symptoms are typical of the effects of an infection.
  • About 40% can remember an original infectious event at the start of their symptoms where they went to a Doctor who never tried to isolate a pathogen. That is, no urinalysis or a culture of prostatic fluid was attempted and they were handed an Rx for a broad-spectrum antibiotic. That visit to their Doctor was their best chance to find out exactly what was causing their symptoms, as from that point on, their condition became masked by repeated antibiotics and moved to a chronic status where finding a culprit typically becomes very difficult.
  • Many guys have been to a LOT of different urologists, yet have very little idea of the physiology of the male genitourinary system, and have little to nothing explained to them by their medical professionals of the dynamics at play with their illness..
  • Almost EVERYONE at some stage has been told by at least one medical professional that there is nothing that can be done for them and that they'll just have to live with the condition.

    I can get you past all these things.


It seems like where-ever you go (this site included, but with caveats), everyone takes a position on the infection/non-infection Prostatitis Issue

  • Medical websites
  • Medical Institutions - John Hopkins, Mayo etc..
  • Treatment Clinics with a vested interest to protect
  • Affiliate sellers of prostatitis treatment products who copy content from any website no matter what it is

Here's my personal experience:
- The problem is that there's no definitive test for non-bacterial prostatitis - there's the whole issue in a nutshell.
- If a Doctor isn't thorough in carrying out EPS and semen tests, and there's no results, there's a big chance you're going to get the "non-bacterial" diagnosis.
- If a Doctor, on your first visit, with infection-related symptoms (pain, burning, urgency), doesn't do an EPS and throws an Rx (script) at you for a (guesswork) broad-spectrum antibiotic, and it doesn't kill what's there, then it becomes a chronic condition. When an infection becomes chronic it usually becomes extremely hard to detect.. and.. after this, there's a big chance you're going to get the "non-bacterial" diagnosis.

At this point you may have bacterial prostatitis, you may have non-bacterial prostatitis, but you're in no man's land. What then tends to happen, is you swing back and forth between the two diagnoses, depending on who you see. And even if a bright-spark, persistent Doctor manages to isolate a pathogen, there's no way our system can kill an infection which is now in the prostate.

In the Prostatitis treatment Clinics review section, both Dr Toth in New York and the Chinese Clinic state that many of the patients they've gone on to cure after locating pathogen(s) had come for treatment citing definitive diagnoses of non-bacterial prostatitis. These patients had gone for direct injection treatment either because they saw the futility of a diagnosis which can't be proved, or wanted to try every treatment option available to them.

If you suspect you are in this position, email me here, there are new technology prostatitis tests that may solve this diagnosis problem and tell you what is really wrong with you/causing your symptoms.

Do you suffer from..

Prostatitis? or Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID) causing Infertility?

Genitourinary Infections are a MAJOR cause of the above conditions..

On this site, I will give you information to:

  • A better understanding of your infection-based condition
  • Immediate ways to lessen the symptoms
  • REVIEW Specialist Treatment Clinics who treat the infection(s), and so cure Prostatitis and PID

By following my treatment recommendations, you have an excellent opportunity to fully recover from Prostatitis or PID. This site is a place of last resort for many people who have exhausted their medical options in their country's medical system.

Curing Prostatitis (and possibly Infertility):

Achieving a prostatitis cure for a man, once an infection is well-established, is very difficult. I will give you a lot of information in tracking down a prostatitis cure for your situation, things that you can immediately do to lessen symptoms, and a list of the best Clinics involved in radically different treatment options for Prostatitis.

Curing Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (and possibly Infertility):

Seeking a cure for Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID) is similar to Prostatitis, the effects of PID can be very debilitating and as difficult to isolate causes. Pelvic pain in women and the treatment of chronic pelvic inflammatory disease is curable. You can read about the treatment of PID inside this site and again see and make contact with the best people for effecting a cure.


Genitourinary Disease in General:

A significant proportion of infertility problems are related to genitourinary infections, and those situations can often be diagnosed as Prostatitis and/or Pelvic Inflammatory Disease. As explained above, these infections have typically become long-standing, chronic infections which are difficult to diagnose, isolate and therefore treat. In the case of Prostatitis-type conditions for a male, there are usually significant symptoms, however it can be common for a female to have few symptoms or even none, perplexing the inability to conceive.

For the majority of genitourinary infections, once course(s) of oral antibiotics have been exhausted, and the infection(s) have settled into a chronic stage, a lower quality of life ensues for the patient, including the often side effect of infertility, an ongoing expensive process, often stretching into years.

If you feel abandoned by the medical system in your country, read extensively on this site, take advantage of the specialist knowledge and use the contact forms for no obligation treatment options for your condition.

We are specialists in the treatment and cure of Infertility, PID and Prostatitis caused by damage from past and/or current genitourinary infection(s), which have often failed to have been diagnosed.

You can read more about infertility causes and symptoms here.

Please help other sufferers of Prostatitis by commenting about what's worked for you at the bottom of this page.. If anything on this site needs more explanation, contact me HERE, at any time, OR even more likely, if you feel isolated (friends and family don't understand) and frustrated (every Doctor seems to minimize your condition) and you want some answers that make sense.. I bet I can help in some way.

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