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Causes of Prostatitis

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When it come to what actually causes Prostatitis, a common statement from the medical establishment says that..

The majority of Prostatitis cases are non-bacterial; caused by injury to the prostate or perineal area, along with a number of other theories.

But in our Experience..

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..the vast majority of cases of Prostatitis are caused by pathogens. Why do so many major U.S. hospitals, medical institutions and Doctors come say that most cases of Prostatitis are non-bacterial? The conclusion that you'll have probably already come to is that once a pathogen becomes established in the male genitourinary system, it can be very difficult to locate, ergo, it can't be there, when in fact it's the testing that is not persistent enough.

In fact, caring for a Prostatitis patient is a frustrating task for many medical practitioners; the family doctor is usually apologetic or worse regarding effective options for any sort of a cure.

The most common cause is usually unprotected sex, followed by a system predisposed to acquiring infections, infection through pelvic medical procedures and general pelvic injury. So, to overcome Prostatitis, you as a patient, are going to have to be very aggressive in pursuing a cure for your condition. You'll need to ensure your Doctor/Specialist is an open-minded, stop-at-nothing professional, and such a person is very hard to find.

Common Causative Pathogens of Prostatitis

Notwithstanding the almost universal incorrect diagnoses (abacterial), Prostatitis can be cured, but it will require a Treatment Clinic outside your current treatment area.

For leading Clinics around the World treating difficult to reach Prostatitis-causing infections, see our Clinics Treating Infection section.

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