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Symptoms of Prostatitis

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This site specializes in, and focuses on, bacteria/pathogen-caused Prostatitis.

Symptoms of Prostatitis in the Acute Stage usually include:

  • Pain coming from various parts of the pelvis, including the back
  • Fever-related symptoms such as chills, bladder infection, kidney pains.
  • Urinary urgency including passing blood and pus (dead white blood cells), sometimes incuding urine retention.
  • A discharge from the penis.

Medical attention  should have:

  • Done a urethral swab(s) and taken a urine sample, both for culturing.Rectal Examination For EPS Culturing
  • Carried out an EPS for culturing, concurrently checking the size and condition of the prostate.
  • Scans/xrays checking for abnormalities.
  • Initially given antibiotics which would be changed once sensitivity laboratory results are available, with the length of prescribed drug treatment being 4 to 6 weeks according to those laboratory results.

Once symptoms of Prostatitis arrive at the Chronic stage:

  • The symptoms generally lessen to a state of ongoing lower-level pain
  • Burning during urination and the need to frequently empty the bladder
  • Flare ups as a result of ejaculation or irritants like alcohol
  • Usually, by now, the pathogen(s) have become well-established, and are often surrounded by infected duct-blocking material, including calcification, inhibiting any action the usual poor delivery of oral antibiotics can achieve.
  • At this point, the patient has been prescribed between several and numerous courses of antibiotics, which after initial symptom relief result in a return of symptoms weeks to two or so months later.

If your condition is now in the "Chronic Prostatitis" class, you must make sure that:

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  • If no pathogens have ever been isolated, request/demand a semen test.

And know that:

  • Your symptoms will normally not improve, but generally get worse.
  • The numerous courses of oral antibiotics will compromise your immune system over time, and this could actually become more serious than Prostatitis itself as the years pass.
  • Your Prostatitis may not be caused by a bacteria, it could, for instance, be fungal. Antibiotics might initially suppress a fungal infection, but they will not resolve it. Indeed fungal infections often worsen if challenged by antibiotics.

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