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You are welcome to write to me, especially if you find you have a highly resistant infection.
I will NOT reply if you write anonymously with "fix me" etc.. There's nothing I can do for people that can't apply themselves to curing their prostatitis problems.

Include your name and a valid email for contact, age, as well as details of your condition: length of time, pathogens found (if any), treatment already tried (if any), drugs prescribed.. etc. This information is important, please don't skimp on it.

If you would like to make a donation of $10 or more, that would be appreciated and help with costs here. I could give you a payment method when you write.


ps - There are no magic cures, the information I have must be applied with planning and forethought; however I can give you a specific direction based on your actual situation that I had to find out the hard way.
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