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Dr Federico Guercini in Rome

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frederico guercini 1Dr Federico Guercini is a specialist in the treatment of Prostatitis and uses a technique of direct injections via the perineum guided by a rectally placed ultrasound device.

Dr Guercini has a very good reputation and seems to be dogged less by controversy than most regarding Prostatitis and Direct Injections, albeit that his treatment is very expensive per injection.

A principal detraction of his method is that he usually performs very few injections and many of his patients tend to relapse unless they pursue a number of repeat visits to his Clinic in Rome, as against remaining in Rome for a longer time.

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Dr Guercini's short treatment period and the crucial lack of an effective unblocking phase are very likely to result in a relapse of the patient's condition. The eventual relapse may be some time in coming if you were to make repeated visits. Dr Guercini himself is a respected and highly professional Doctor.

It would be fair to say that Doctor Guercini's treatment is at the number two position in our summary of Prostate Injection Clinics. We see the small number of injections and lack of an unblocking phaze with Dr Guercini is a serious shortfall.

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