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Dr Pavlos Georgiadis in Athens, Greece

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dr georgiadis in athensDr Georgiadis describes himself as a Surgeon Urologist - Andrologist and provides a service of "digital rectal treatment" and in certain circumstances, rectally-delivered prostate injections.

Much of Dr Georgiadis's success appears to revolve around vigorous prostate massage to break up infection in the prostate, over an extended period of time, with ensuing cultures and appropriate antibiotics. At the end of this period of treatment, if detection of infection/symptoms remain, he may go on with rectal route, prostate injections, possibly as few as three, about 10-12 days apart.

In as much as the massage therapy is concerned he appears to carry out a similar procedure as Ilya Kaploun R.N. in Toronto. A patient has recently told us (10th June 2016) that Dr Georgiadis quoted him US$5,000 for treatment and frankly admitted that many patients have to come back for a followup. I think that honesty is a good measure of this Doctor.

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As more patients of Dr Georgiadis write to us, we'll update this page a lot more, one thing is certain, Dr Georgiadis is light years ahead of the general attitude and knowledge of the Prostatitis treatment medical situation (Urologist in private practice) in the U.S. His treatment may be better suited to shorter-term cases and in general we would prefer the injections were not rectally-delivered.

The Doctor is heavily involved in the science of prostatitis and is spoken very well of by his ex-patients.

Dr Georgiadis practices from two clinics and can be reached at his private clinic here:

dr georgiadis logo39 Asklipiou Str - Athens, Greece
Telephone number : +30 210 36 32377 
and can be emailed here:

You can read more about him here: Dr Pavlos Georgiadis and a Chronic Prostatitis Cure




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