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About Us is run by myself (Sean, pronounced "Shawn").

As a prostatitis patient I have travelled the Western Medical treatment road; unsympathetic, inadequate, antibiotic abuse.. care, and fully understand the frustration of living in a "miracle medical world" which has few answers.

I traipsed from Doctor to Doctor, hearing many times, the "there's nothing wrong with you", I've been through many many courses of antibiotics, hoping every time that the latest course will do its promised job and be my last. I've been through the challenges of medical, drug and insurance premium debt. I've been to Doctor after Doctor, a number of specialist Clinics (until I found the one that delivered on its promises). I've tried numerous "natural" treatments; every recommended Western herbal treatment as well as Asian with no lasting benefit..

Please help other sufferers of Prostatitis by commenting about what's worked for you at the bottom of this page..
If you feel isolated, frustrated and you are prepared to apply yourself to cure your Prostatitis.. Go Here And Read About How I Got Cured
and remember changing your lifestyle can often make a great difference to your symptoms. You can write to me here

So, I have a very good understanding of the treatment challenges facing sufferers of Prostatitis (and PID). In short, I'm a walking text book of all the treatment options for genitourinary disease treatment.

My site presents the main genitourinary infection treatment Clinics throughout the world and goes to some lengths to detail their treatment procedures and relative successes.

If you are in that seemingly impossible position of having hit a blank wall in making any progress with your genitourinary condition, read through my site and ask for help wherever and whenever you need it. I am also able to call on current practising professionals when needed.

Sean Devery



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