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atilla toth 1Dr Atilla Toth in New York specializes in dealing with Infertility, both male and female, (Prostatitis and PID) and has been in business for a long time.

His treatment method for male Prostatitis sufferers is with sonographic-guided injections via the rectum, usually one at a time (not bi-lateral) and over a treatment period of a month he may do as few as 10 injections, at significant expense.

Like most of the Clinics he has many detractors and those who claim to have been helped. Many cite an arrogant manner (relating it to their ability to pay) and many are quite the opposite.

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In difficult, longstanding infection cases, Dr Toth's direct injection techniques are on the right track, but the low number of injections and the rectal delivery method are not recommended.

Dr Toth also states that he sees no benefit in breaking down calcifications and unblocking infected ducts and tracts, the absence of which is very likely to lead to a relapse for the patient.


Considering the cost of treatment with Dr Toth (a patient recently - 19th June 2016 wrote saying Dr Toth quoted him US$5,000 for 10 injections), and his lack of an unblocking phase and short length of treatment, we would not recommend this Clinic. We have also been advised by a number of Dr Toth's prostatitis patients that they were permanently damaged by his trans-rectal delivery method. However those patients are a small sample compared to the time he has been in business and so may not be reliable feedback overall.

We would rate Dr Toth's Clinic in the 4th position of all our reviewed Clinics,

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Even though we believe there are significant short-comings in Dr Toth's Prostatitis treatment, he has long experience in the field and this is obvious on reading the Prostatitis section on his website (http://www.fertilitysolution.com/Treatment-for-Chronic-Prostatitis/).

Excerpts of some sections are well-worth pointing out, as they are contrary to well-established erroneous advice handed out to Prostatitis patients by many Doctors/Specialists who plainly don't know what Dr Toth knows, because of plain inexperience, or a lack of will to inform themselves from their own research or higher training in their specialty.

On the subject of a declaration of "non-bacterial prostatitis" by a Doctor who has failed to conduct persistent/exhaustive tests for infection

[excerpt from Dr Toth's website]
"The majority of my patients come to me with the diagnosis of nonbacterial prostatitis. In our laboratory it is exceedingly rare to find negative EPS (expressed prostatic secretion) or semen cultures"

[end excerpt]


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