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Buying my Prostatitis Cure Plan eBook

Buying my Prostatitis Cure Plan

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2/ Bitcoin user? - go to bottom of page

Decide on:

Option 1, my eBook US$45
Option 2, my eBook US$55 + 3 emails (these are usually long and detailed).

Send the amount to Paypal at this address:  

NB: please read all of this page.

Put your name and email address if it is different to your paypal email address in the PAYPAL SEND MONEY notes box, skip address and send.

I will reply quickly sending the book and waiting for your followup if you chose Option 2. The only delay might be if I am asleep

CONFIDENTIAL. The payment address you are using will in no way identifiy our site, by name or any other factor, in the Paypal receipt. (this is important for some people whose Paypal account is also used or seen by other people and they do not want "" in the receipt)

Email me through this form here if anything is not clear or use the CHAT that should be bottom right of the page.
IF YOU HAVE ANY PROBLEMS contacting me via the above form, use this
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Please note, the only way that you are going to be disappointed with your purchase is if you cannot follow a plan.

If a buyer has any dishonest thoughts about buying and then demanding a refund from me or the payment processor, do me and the serious prostatitis sufferers a favor and don't buy. I am serious about this. In the last year, one dishonest individual tried to do this, unfortunately for them a post was discovered online where they had announced their intention 24 hours before. My attorney settled with this miscreant for a sum far larger than what he tried to steal.

If you would like to pay with Bitcoin, you can use these links (please do not follow these links if you are not a Bitcoin user, simply go back to the instructions above):

1/ My eBook US$45
2/ My eBook US$55 + 3 emails



I do not give medical advice, I simply, as allowed under the constitution, relate my story and all the things I discovered along the way which has benefited every other prostatitis sufferer I've been in contact with, AND WHICH NO DOCTOR OF ANY KIND COULD TELL ME, either through inexperience, uncaring attitude, or in many cases plain arrogance! As I've said many many times, if men as a group would stand up and fight regarding the terrible care that the medical industry gives them, fight like women did over breast cancer, we would receive much timelier, effective treatment and therefore much less pain and suffering.


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